Products we love to use

Black Magic Spray Tan

Let's face it - the biggest fear we all have before a spray tan is "WILL I GO ORANGE OR PATCHY!??" - and at Luna & Sage the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Catering to varying skin types, Black Magic has developed a range of spray tan solutions, each uniquely blended to deliver the perfect shade, no matter your skin tone. Their beautiful spray tanning solutions are renowned for their fine quality, no smell, no fragrance, no parabens and super fast drying on the skin. A spray tan will last between 5 - 7 days

Sabore Skincare

SaborĂ© utilises the latest technology in botanical actives and has innovated a collection that celebrates complexity in formulation, but simplicity in use. Sabore products contain high levels of organic & natural ingredients . Where they cannot source an active ingredient as organic they have used natural instead. All their ingredients are purchased from reputable manufacturers with no short cuts taken in buying cheaper/inferior ingredients. Stringent product testing and a high level of quality control insure their products contain only the finest botanical's and extracts.